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Landscaping adds value to your property. A well designed home or commercial landscaping plan and professional installation will enhance the beauty of your property and provide years of enjoyment.

Let our professional team assist with your design, installation and maintenance of your next landscaping project. Call us for a consultation.

Our Services

We offer high quality, reliable landscaping maintenance packages and as-needed garden services in the Ottawa, Ontario area. Choose from our Gold, Silver, or Bronze maintenance packages or mix and match to suit your needs.

Our Maintenance Packages


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Paver Sealant Adds the Finishing Touch

  • After your pavers have cured, apply a sealant.
  • This inhibits insect infestation, weed growth and sand erosion.
  • A variety of finishes can be applied ranging from a matte look to a shiny wet look.
  • Sealant must be applied with care – let us do it for you to ensure the job is done correctly.